Sunday, November 4, 2007

OT 2008 Stanford, Garland Off To A Great Start

Both Stanford and Judge Garland (D.C. Cir.) are off to a great start for Supreme Court hiring for OT 2008. All four of Garland's clerks--Jessica Bulman-Pozmen (Stevens), Lindsey Powell (Stevens), Damian Williams (Stevens), and Miriam Seifter (Ginsburg)--were hired in June this year. Stanford has placed four graduates with Justices--Jameson Jones (Scalia), Lindsey Powell (Stevens), David Thompson (Scalia), and Chris Walker (Kennedy)--a tremendous accomplishment for the school which has historically lag behind its holy trinity peers Yale and Harvard.

Yale continues to dominate in SCOTUS hiring with six alumni hired so far for OT 2008--Jessica Bulman-Pozen (Stevens), Seth Grossman (Breyer), Dana Irwin (Alito), Kevin Schwartz (Ginsburg), Damian Williams (Stevens), and Rob Yablon (Ginsburg).